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For Employees ( Job Seekers )

If you are looking for a Job, It is our responsibility to find you a secure & good job that suits you perfectly well according to your qualifications. We will provide you accurate information that will help you to choose correct employment that suits you. We provide you with necessary guidance with the passport preparation if you haven’t started yet.

  • Appropriate Job and carrier counselling service
  • Passport Assistance
  • Fully administrative of Tadbeer UAE
  • Government Registration formalities
  • Necessary Training
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Advising about the correct methods of investing your salary

We provide a wide range of consultancy services in various categories. These services are often part of a long term contract minimum of 2 years.

Training employees at our training center in Sri Lanka with fully administrative of Tadbeer UAE.

We are always advising about the correct methods of investing your salary in a self-employment or business.

Directing qualified & talented Employees with Spoken English language skills for the jobs of VIP families abroad.

Conducting free English courses for persons who do not know English language before going abroad.

We are always advising about the correct methods of investing your salary in a self-employment or business.

Assist 24/7 you and your guardians whenever necessary during your employment abroad via modern communication technology methods

For Employers / For Business Partners

Are you looking for employees with the right fit? Then we can say without any doubt that you have come to the right place. We are trusting this is not only a business.  Our goal is quality rather than quantity. If you got talented employee, no any problems. But else? You have to think about it. Giving an unsuitable employee to a suitable employer or giving a suitable employee to an unsuitable employer causes many problems. We are always trying to give a win-win solution for you and the employee.

We select only those who are 100% willing to go abroad for domestic service or selected service. We will not select all those who send us applications and will select the most suitable, qualified &  well experienced persons will select for the job.

And also we prepared to assist 24/7 you via modern communication technology methods. We monitor the performance of our overseas employees on a weekly basis and assume all related responsibility.